Planned Giving

Dor L Dor Visionary Society

All Legacy Gifts qualify the individual donors for membership in the Dor L Dor Visionary Society.We only request that you execute a notice stating that you have included Lakeshore Drive Synagogue in your estate planning. Everyone who sets up a legacy gift to the Endowment Fund will be recognized as a member of the Dor L Dor Visionary Society and will receive additional benefits as the program grows. To discuss Legacy Giving. please contact the the synagogue at 312-337-6811.

Legacy Giving Opportunities

There are many ways to contribute without jeopardizing your family’s security or affecting your current lifestyle. While each legacy gift is tailored to individual needs, the most common gifts include.

  • Bequests: Lakeshore Drive Synagogue as a beneficiary of your estate with a simple amendment to facilitate your bequest.
  • Life Insurance: Lakeshore Drive Synagogue to an existing life insurance policy or purchase a new policy.
  • Individual Retirement Accounts: Lakeshore Drive Synagogue as a beneficiary of your IRA may be a tax-wise gift that can avoid income tax obligations for your heirs.
  • Charitable Gift Annuity: A Charity Gift Annuity (CGA) enables you to give charitable contributions to Lakeshore Drive Synagogue and receive financial benefits for yourself.

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