We are a neighborhood synagogue in the Near North/Gold Coast area. We are a Traditional Synagogue with Modern Orthodox services.  Most of our members live within walking distance, perfect for Shabbat observance. For visitors, there are several hotels within walking distance without an Eruv in our area. We make everybody comfortable, regardless of level of observance and at our “Elm Street Shul”, everyone becomes part of our community. Friday evening Kabalat Shabbat services start at 6 p.m. preceded by a social hour. Shabbat Shacharit services start at 9.15 am followed by a generous Kiddush lunch giving members and guests to meet, mix and make new friends.


Lake Shore Drive Synagogue is unique because we don’t have a full-time Rabbi. When our Rabbi is not with us, the Shabbat services give us the opportunity to showcase the diversity and talents of our congregants. This is especially highlighted during the d’var torahs (sermons). Some speakers stick strictly to the Parsha of that week. Others launch into commentaries ranging from Jewish thoughts to current events. But everyone agrees that limiting the sermons to ten minutes is wise!


Event Calendar

Find our calendar of upcoming and past services including Shabbat and holidays by clicking the link below.